Towards an Ethical, Equitable and Transparent Society in Paraguay

Government leaders, legislators, primary and secondary education leaders, members of higher education institutions, let’s transform Paraguay through ethics, equity and transparency.

"We envision HECEET as a catalyst for transformation that anchors Paraguay's quest for an ethical, equitable and transparent society where access to justice, due process and fair laws and processes are fundamental.

Dra. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago
Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University Board of Governors - Camden
Director of HECEET

“Starting from Higher Education as a pillar for the development of a country, HECEET will carry out initiatives to strengthen the rule of law culture in Paraguay with an innovative methodology.”

Prof. Dra. Zully Vera de Molinas
Chancellor of the Universidad Nacional de Asunción.

“The global world is part of our day to day, international l exchanges are important not only for research and our collaborators, but they provide valuable experiences for our students.”

Antonio D. Tillis
Chancellor, Rutgers University – Camden.

The role of academia in fostering the values of ethics, equity and transparency is key to strengthening the rule of law and a culture of lawfulness. Through this strategic alliance between USAID, Rutgers University and UNA, UNA is consolidating its position as the leading institution in higher education in Paraguay, providing technical and professional training opportunities with a comprehensive vision of values, to contribute positively to the processes of change that are taking place in the country.

Evelyn Rodriguez-Perez
Director of USAID Paraguay.

Higher Education Center for Ethics, Equity and Transparency (HECEET) in Paraguay

Funded through USAID, this project aims to develop and institutionalize the first Higher Education Center for Ethics, Equity and Transparency (HECEET) in Paraguay and a behavior change program using ethics and transparency as our tools against corruption. This project is implemented through a partnership with Rutgers University and the National University of Asuncion (UNA). 

HECEET leads a comprehensive educational training and capacity building initiative for Paraguay targeting government, legislative officials, young professionals and students, primary and secondary education leaders, higher education leaders. The initiative focuses on strengthening Paraguay’s capacity to build and sustain public structures based on transparency, ethics and equity from Higher Education that permeates other governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Research and Studies Magazine - UNA - Special Edition on EET

The joint initiative of the National University of Asuncion and Rutgers-Camden University, USA, through the first Higher Education Center for Ethics, Equity and Transparency (HECEET), with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has made possible the development and financing of 11 «Research Projects with Social Impact». The main objective of the initiative was to strengthen Paraguay’s capacities to build and sustain public structures based on ethics, equity and transparency, in Higher Education and other private and civil society institutions.

For Lawfulness, in favor of society

The Social Projects arise from a collaborative effort within the framework of the program «Leadership Certification for Ethics, Equity and Transparency (EET)», to install a Culture of Lawfulness in Paraguayan society based on Ethics, Equity and Transparency from an intersectoral and multidisciplinary approach.

It is of utmost importance for HECEET to contribute to Paraguayan society by training a select group of leaders who will become EET Ambassadors, who, in turn, will contribute to strengthen the Rule of Law in Paraguay to forge a Culture of Lawfulness based on EET values.