The Leadership Certification Program is at the core of HECEET’s effort and serves as a cornerstone for capacity building and training multi-sector EET leaders who are prepared to lead organizations, become effective decision makers and guide transformational change.

Leadership Certification

This program focuses on the formation of EET ambassadors in four specific sectors: Higher Education Institutions, Government, school and high school education and private sector/NGOs, to contribute personally and collectively to the awareness and practice of a culture of ethics, equity and transparency in Paraguay, thus contributing to a more transparent, socially responsible, equitable and inclusive society. This highly competitive program prepares participants to become ambassadors with the skills, motivation and commitment necessary to create new expectations that are rooted in ethics, equity and transparent behavior leading to a more just and efficient society.

First Cohort of Ambassadors

Dr. Zully Vera de Molinas

Chancellor, UNA

Yonny Álvarez

General Director of Projects of the Chancellor’s Office, UNA

Cristian Cantero

Secretary General of the Chancellor’s Office, UNA

Luz Martínez

General Academic Director of the Chancellor’s Office, UNA

Rodney Cano

Professor and Head of the Department of Programs and Curricula Secretariat of the Civil Service

Milagros Carregal

Head of the Technical Pedagogical Department, INAES

Nancy Chromey

Executive Secretary of the School of Architecture, Design and Arts, UNA

Noemi Dandaluz

Head of the Department of Project Management and Follow-up Secretary of the Public Function

Nelson Echauri

General Director of Legal Counsel, UNA

Lilian Fouz

Vice-Minister of Equality and Non-Discrimination, Ministry of Women

Karina Sandoval

Professor of the School of Dentistry, UNA

Rossana Zalazar

Professor and Auditor General of the Chancellor’s Office, UNA

Ana Lucia Gimenez

Executive Director. NGO Tierra Nueva

Iván González

Teacher and Head of the Department of Learning Resources and Research, INAES

Constantino Guefos

Dean of the School of Natural Sciences, UNA

Ofelia Yegros

Executive Director, Center for Environmental and Social Studies-CEAMSO

Adriana González

Director, General Directorate of Scientific and Technological Research, UNA

Raquel Iglesias

General Director of the Women’s Observatory, Ministry of Women’s Affairs

Maria Marcia Jimenez

Director of Organizational Development, Civil Service Secretariat

Maximo Medina

Director General of Legal Affairs, Civil Service Secretariat

Diego Parra

Undergraduate Student, School of Natural Sciences, UNA

Fernando Rivarola

Senior Advisor, Ministry of Finance

Graciela Rojas

Professor and Head of the Postgraduate Department INAES

Raúl Salinas

Vice Rector of Liaison, UTIC

Francisco Samaniego

Technician in Government Transparency, CIRD Foundation

First Ambassadors Cohort Zone of Practice Projects

  1. Together Let’s Eliminate Everyday Corruption (Winning Project)
  2. Higher Education, for Political Leadership and Senior Management Positions in Universities and Public Administration (Winning Project)
  3. Government Youth and Women: Existing Gaps in Access to Elective Positions
  4. Overáva Leaders. For a fair and equitable Early Childhood and for a fair and equitable Early Childhood
  5. Strengthening the Culture towards Transparent Management at the UNA

"I want to highlight the important impact this training had on me, it came at a time in my life when I needed an important oxygen of good practices, good spirits, to see again all the good I do within the organization, to see in a nice way how to improve, not in an accusatory way but with an empathetic view of things."

Nancy Chromey
FADA Executive Secretary, UNA
1st Cohort Ambassador

"Today more than ever I am sure that a Paraguay with new values and practices is possible, it is being generated and we are protagonists ... With the firm commitment to continue betting more than ever on formalism as a strengthening of transparency, to practice human values and to always bet on integrity and solidarity.”

Yonny Álvarez
General Director of Projects of the UNA´s Office
Ambassador of the 1st Cohort

Second Cohort of Ambassadors

Remigio Diaz, INAES

Teacher and Head of the Language Department

Juan Pastor Aguilar

Research Technician of the Research Department, INAES

Gloria Paredes

Teacher, Researcher and Peer Evaluator, UNA

Jazmín Heinrich

School of Architecture, Design and Arts, Undergraduate Student, UNA

Angela Olmedo

Teacher, UNA

Alma Acosta

Program Manager, NGO Solidaridad Network

Alejo Ventura

Commercial Partner, Multiventas Store

Carolina Ramirez

Director of International Relations, SENAC

Emilse Serafini

Research and Development Director, SFP

Nathalie Delorme

Director of Summaries, SFP

Francisco Ramirez

International Relations Director, UNA

Reinaldo López

General Director of Land Use Planning and Infrastructure, UNA

Nathalia Montalbetti

FIUNA Professor, UNA

Lucas Chalub

General Director of Human Resources, UNA

Miguel Torres

Vice Chancellor, UNA

Teresa Muñoz

Head of Western Region, Ministry of Women

Norys Cubilla

Institutional Self-Evaluation Manager, UNA

Julio Noguera

General Director of Prevention and Transparency, SENAC

Lider Benegas

Member of the Superior Council and the Board of Directors of the School of Law and Social Sciences, UNA

Lidia Saldivar

Professor, Researcher and Thesis Tutor at the School of Natural Sciences, UNA

María José Franco

General Director of the National Computing Center (CNC), UNA

Edgar Sánchez

General Director of Graduate Studies and International Relations, UNA

Alfredo Cano

Transparency and Anti-Corruption Director, SENABICO

Andrea Chamorro

General Director of Strategic Communications, SFP

Arturo González

GISE Research Professor, UNA

Walter Laguardia

Director, UNA

Jorge Madelaire

General Director of Planning and Development, UNA

Emilio Aquino

General Director of University Extension, UNA

Bernardita Rosas de Carrillo

Coordinator of the Bachelor of Science in Education Program, INAES

Derlis Martínez

Head of the Selection and Evaluation Department, INAES

Juana Ferreira

Coordinator of the Transparency and Anticorruption Unit, INAES

Patricia Escobar

Teacher, INAES

Carlos Bonzi

Budget Unit Coordinator, INAES

Sonia Domínguez

Head of the Social Liaison Department of the Extension Directorate, INAES

Cristina Centurión

Acting Head of the Registration, Control and Movement Department, INAES

Gloria Fretes

Professor and Chief of Salaries and Benefits, INAES

Perla Maidana

Student, INAES

Yenny del Carmen Ortiz

Spanish Language and Literature Career Coordinator, INAES

Marco Rivarola

Coordinator of Programs and Content, Scholas Occurrentes Foundation Paraguay

Ma. Elena Sartorio

General Director, Centro de Estudios Mujeres Paraguayas por el Mundo (Center for the Study of Paraguayan Women around the World)

Claudia Zapattini

Consultant at the Center for Environmental and Social Studies, CEAMSO

Ivana Rodríguez

Researcher, ROLCI program

Miriam González

Member of FACEN’s Board of Directors and Technical Teacher, UNA

Ever Martínez

Executive Director, La Salle Foundation

Natalia Coppola

Coordinator of Educational Innovations, MEC

Celia Urbieta

General Director of Open Government

Christian Vega

Teacher, UNA


Zone of Practice Projects of the Second Cohort of Ambassadors

  1. Promoting the Culture of Lawfulness in the UNA based on Ethics, Equity and Transparency from Strategic Planning (Winning Project)
  2. EET Culture at INAES
  3. Youth Tesapyso
  4. Corruption: From Awareness to Denouncement (Winning Project)
  5. UNA Transparent

"With the development of these modules I was able to realize that in all areas of work we can contribute something in relation to EET so that tomorrow we can reap the fruits and not stay with the same paradigm we have."

Miriam González
Member of the Board of Directors of FACEN and Technical Teacher at UNA
2nd Cohort Ambassador.

"... This course has been a before and after in my professional and personal formation, I have read the expectations that’ve had, and I believe that they have been widely exceeded. I am happy and proud to be part of this second cohort of EET Ambassadors!"

Teresa Muñoz
Head of the Western Region of the Ministry of Women
2nd Cohort Ambassador

Third Cohort of Ambassadors

Juan Aguilera

General Director of Information and Communication Technologies, Ministry of Public Administration

Mario Chaparro

Coordinator of Self-Evaluation of the History Career at the School of Philosophy, UNA

César Alarcón

Director of Transparency and Anticorruption, Civil Service Secretariat

María Clara Arana

Head of Department, UNA

Thalía Colmán

Student, INAES

Ana Duarte

Teacher, National School «Don Emilio Napout”

Katherin Arrúa

Former Dean of School of Agricultural Sciences, UNA

Teresa Echeverría

Director of Transparency and Anticorruption, ESSAP

Camila Arrúa

CODENI Counselor, Villeta City Hall

Cristian Escobar

Technical Support, UNA

Mónica Báez

Teacher and Coordinator, UNA

Vaneza Flores

Head of the Prevention Department, Civil Service Secretariat

Javier Barúa

General Director of Scientific and Technical Research, UNA – Chancellor’s Office

Emilce Gaona

Director of Transparency, SENAC

Arminda Bareiro

Lecturer, UNA

Vanezza Gutierrez

Executive Coordinator, PEC

Ariel Jara

Psychologist, Therapeutic Community, Teacher’s Workshop

Norma Benítez

Technical Project Coordinator, San Carlos University

Carmen Bettina Cuevas

Teacher, Catholic University

José Jara

Student, INAES

Raquel López

Pedagogical Technician and Graduate Teaching Staff, INAES

Rosa Blanco Peralta

Director of Management Audits, Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Valentina Canesse

Professor, UNA


Ana López

Lecturer, Researcher and Thesis Tutor, UNA

Jhony López Pereira

Student, INAES

Jorge Maciel

Head Representative of MECIP, UNA

María Patricia Martínez

Head of the Anticorruption and Integrity department, Technical Unit of the Social Cabinet

María Lucila Marecos

Head of Transparency Unit, ESSAP

Olga Maciel

Vice-Dean of the School of Chemistry, UNA

José María Miranda

Legal Advisor, Chancellor’s Office,  UNA

David Meza

Director of Transparency, Jury for the Impeachment of Magistrates

Aristides Muñoz

Quality Systems Coordinator, UNA

Nelly Monges

Vice Rector, National University of Itapúa

Nancy Morel

Director of Internal Auditing of the Chancellor Office, UNA

Ana María Elizabeth Morínigo Vázquez

Professor, INAES

María Nahir Sanabria

Student, INAES

Nora Ortega López

Student, INAES

Dierson Piris

Founding Member, Indigenous Youth Union Organization

Héctor Piris Da Motta

Teacher, Universidad Privada del Este

Ignacia Recalde

Teacher, National School «Profesor Adolfo María Monges»

María Cristina Rolón

Technical Lecturer at the DG of Extension, UNA

Lucio Romero Ramos

Technical Teacher at the School of Agricultural Sciences, UNA

Ana Romero

President, Unión Juvenil Indígena del Paraguay (Indigenous Youth Union of Paraguay)

Emilce Sena

Research Professor, UNA

Cynthia Segovia

Coordinator of the Institution’s Evaluation and Quality Management Unit, UNA

Rosa Cáceres

Internal Auditor, Civil Service Secretariat

“The course has nuances that collaborate in the total permeability of EET, not only in the daily routine of our actions, but also in the constant reinforcement to be carried out in the area of influence in which we are immersed. By giving us the possibility to carry out a project that has the EET values as its main axes, will make it possible to translate from theory to praxis in the short, medium and long term.”

Ariel Jara
Psychologist of the Therapeutic Community "Taller del Maestro"
Ambassador of the 3rd Cohort.

"If each one of us is an agent of change in our family, in our workplace, in our school or university, we can dream of a spring where a child does not have to teach under a tree, where a mother does not die for lack of supplies or where we do not have to resort to raffles to pay for medicines. Today we have the duty and commitment to be agents of change for a more just society... Let us be revolutionaries in integrity and transparency... Let us be leaders and warriors, let us be inspiration."

Vanessa Gutiérrez
PEC Executive Coordinator
Ambassador of the 3rd Cohort