As part of a collaborative process, researchers at UNA and Rutgers have maximized their research productivity based on EET values.

Inspiring EET-based Innovation and a Culture of Lawfulness at the Research Level

The HECEET institutionalized at the UNA Chancellor’s Office to foster a culture of lawfulness, links administrative officials, faculty members, students, and researchers in order to fulfill five programmatic elements:


1) encourage faculty participation in research projects that address EET;

2) encourage the development and/or improvement of EET related courses;

3) increase faculty publications and research related to EET;

4) promote academic exchanges of Rutgers and UNA faculty and students;

5) promote annual EET academic events that include forum, symposium, and an annual showcase of scholarly work and research initiated by UNA faculty. 

Rutgers University – Camden Faculty Mentors:

  • They provide guidance on the scholarly activities and career advancement of researchers, with the goal of helping them achieve national and international recognition.
  • They provide advice and share experiences on teaching, research and publication.
  • They assist in the preparation of results documents and research presentations and later in the outreach phase.
  • They assist in the preparation of research manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Projections of HECEET in the Research Component

HECEET is promoting the publication of research project results in national and international sources. In addition, it will recruit and select a new cohort of researchers, including graduate students, to participate in projects related to Ethics, Equity and Transparency.

UNA Research Projects

Projects mentored by: Dr. Maureen Donaghy

Equity, Transparency and Resilience in Vulnerable Settlements. Federico Vargas Lehner, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Seeking Incentives for the Permanence of Native Students in Nursing and Midwifery Careers. Aida Lucía Maidana de Zarza, School of Nursing and Midwifery

More about the mentor

She earned her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Colorado. Prior to that, she earned an M.A. in International Development from the American University and a B.A. in Government from Georgetown University. As an Associate Professor at Rutgers University – Camden’s Department of Political Science, she teaches on the topics of comparative public policy, government and politics in Latin America, among others. She brings research interests in the areas of comparative politics, international development, Latin American politics, and participatory governance.

Projects mentored by: Dr. Nancy Pontes

Prevention of adolescent pregnancy: a shared ethical responsibility for the sexual and reproductive health of the population. Gloria Ortiz, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery

Obstacles and alternative solutions for gender equity in vulnerable populations. Héctor Leguizamón, School of Philosophy

More about the mentor

Dr. Nancy Pontes’ academic interests focus on population health improvement in a transnational manner. As a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Distinguished National Academy of Practice (FNAP) member and practitioner, Dr. Pontes has worked in a variety of roles and leadership positions. Initially, she worked with interprofessional teams serving children with complex health care needs. She later established a nurse-led center at an alternative court in New York that served diverse vulnerable populations, including refugees, women, and transgender survivors of human trafficking. After completing her doctorate at Columbia University, Dr. Pontes led Rowan University Health Services, which she expanded to become Associate Vice President for Health and Wellness. Most recently, she established a school-based health center as part of a faculty practicum at Rutgers-Camden School of Nursing. She brings her research interests around equity to this project in Paraguay, exploring the social determinants of health and wellness among vulnerable youth and families.

Projects mentored by: Dr. Patrice M. Mareschal

Animal Abatement in the Streets with Shared Responsibility. An Ethical, equitable and transparent framework in the city of Concepción. Juana Elisa León de Ramos, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

Evaluation of an Educational Strategy on Ethics, Equity and Transparency in the Educational Community of Santa Rosa del Aguaray. Gladys Mercedes Estigarribia Sanabria, Faculty of Medical Sciences

Municipal Management Oriented to the Care of the Elderly with Ethics, Equity and Transparency. Santiago David Toledo Núñez, School of Nursing and Obstetrics

More about the mentor

Dr. Patrice M. Mareschal is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Administration and a faculty member at the Senator Walter Rand Institute of Public Affairs. Her research interests include conflict resolution, personnel/labor relations, organizational behavior, unions/labor organization, and public policy. Dr. Mareschal’s primary teaching responsibilities are human resource management, organizational behavior, labor relations, conflict resolution and ethics in government. His collaborative research interests include ethics in business and government.

Projects mentored by: Dr. David Salas-de la Cruz

Planning for Forest Landscape Restoration: A Case for Gender Equity. María Laura Quevedo Fernández, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

More about the mentor

Dr. David Salas-de la Cruz holds a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Salas-de la Cruz has more than 15 years of industrial and academic research experience. He has worked at KimberlyClark, LifeScan a Johnson and Johnson Company, Dow Chemicals and Holtec International. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Rutgers University, Candem. His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the American Chemistry Society SEED program, ARMY REAP Program, NJSGC and Rutgers. He brings expertise in the field of scientific ethics and has an interest in environmental sustainability in Paraguay.

Projects mentored by: Dr. Kimberlee Sue Moran

Obtaining Human Teeth to Teach Dentistry: Creating Ethical and Transparent Processes. Maria Soledad Meza Vera, School of Dentistry

More about the mentor

Dr. Kimberlee Sue Moran has been a forensic consultant and educator since 2002. She holds a BA in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology from Bryn Mawr College and an MA in Forensic Archaeological Science from the Institute of Archaeology, University of London. Kimberlee has provided forensic services to legal professionals and regularly conducts training workshops for local law enforcement. She is a member of the Crime Scene Investigation subcommittee of the NIST-led Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC). Kimberlee is passionate about public outreach, STEM education, and science in the service of justice.

Projects mentored by: Dr Maria E. Solesio

Improving Public Health and Quality of Life as a Mechanism to Increase EET. Pablina Rodriguez Fernandez, School of Nursing and Midwifery

Ethics, Equity and Transparency in the Virtual Modality of Higher Education. Marta Antoliana Lara Núñez, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

More about the mentor

Dr Maria («Marién») E. Solesio trained in Spain, where she obtained her Pharm.D. in 2008 and her PhD in Neuropharmacology in 2013. The focus of her Ph.D. dissertation was the study of mitochondrial dysfunction in pharmacological models of Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease. In July 2013, right after graduation, he joined NYU for his postdoctoral training. In May 2018, Dr. Solesio was awarded a K99/R00 grant from NIA/NIH. Thanks to those funds and the generous start-up package offered by Rutgers University, she was able to establish her own laboratory at Rutgers University, where she is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology. Dr. Solesio’s main research focus during her career has been the study of mitochondrial physiology and dysfunction in neurodegeneration and aging. She brings expertise in ethics and equity in STEM fields to this research collaboration.