Ethics, Equity and Transparency Leadership Certification Program (EET)

HECEET is committed to expanding the scope of the EET Certification Program beyond the National University of Asuncion, impacting private sector organizations, private institutions and civil society organizations. This approach also allows HECEET to sustain its efforts and its actions to permeate the different sectors of Paraguayan society. 

Ethics, Equity and Transparency Leadership Certification Program (EET)

 The program serves as a national benchmark in the field of higher education to address structural and capacity building solutions in the field of ethics, equity, and transparency.

Program Specifications


Participants are trained as leaders who promote values of ethics, equity, and transparency. The development of intra and interpersonal skills is encouraged through case studies based on the Paraguayan context, leadership assessment tools, role playing and community development projects.

First Module

During the first module participants work on their personal change, focusing their transformational efforts on a new mental model through diagnostics, individual reflections, and practical activities. The objectives of this module are: 

To reflect and become personally aware of corruption as a critical barrier to democracy, development, and the rule of law.

To develop personal, organizational, and social leadership competencies based on Ethics, Equity and Transparency.

Personal Zone of Practice

After completing module 1, participants are committed to implement their personal Practice Zone project. For approximately one month they apply the concepts and tools they acquired during module 1, through individual practices in their daily environments. These practices are part of the Ambassadors for Ethics, Equity and Transparency Personal Action Plan.

Second Module

During the second module they focus on the transformation of the organizational and social system according to the circle of influence of each participant. They receive tools that help promote cultural transformation based on ethics, equity and transparency. This approach helps them to recognize the interdependencies that exist between individual, group and organizational actions for the formation of responsible communities based on the common good. The objectives of this module are:

Increase effectiveness in leading change towards an EET culture in Paraguay.

To develop a network of «ambassadors» (change agents) to radiate a positive vision/action that impacts the environments of influence of all participants.

Group Zone of Practice

At the end of Module 2, participants will have completed the theoretical framework of their group Zone of Practice projects. These social interventions arise from a collaborative, intersectoral and multidisciplinary effort that seeks to install a Culture of Lawfulness in Paraguayan society based on Ethics, Equity and Transparency, which helps to strengthen the Rule of Law in Paraguay.

Youth Institute

The Youth Institute aims to train young students through seminars to contribute to the human and social capital of the country and invest in the development of leaders of Ethics, Equity and Transparency, who are committed and defend the Culture of Lawfulness and the Rule of Law of Paraguay.

The first edition of the Youth Institute was held on Thursday, March 18, 2021, in virtual mode, in which 82 young representatives of different organizations participated, including private and public universities, civil society organizations and public institutions.

The participants had the presence of the General Director of Prevention and Transparency of the National Secretariat of Anticorruption (SENAC), Julio Noguera, who instructed them on the impact of corruption in a society and urged young people to be protagonists and use the tools available to eradicate this evil that afflicts our country. In addition, each young person had the opportunity to evaluate their decision-making approach based on the results of the Myers Briggs assessment and to work with EET Ambassador Coaches in group sessions to analyze case studies related to ethics, equity and transparency.

The second edition of the Youth Institute was held on Monday, March 28, 2022, in virtual mode, with the participation of 90 young people, HECEET-UNA ambassadors and directors of the institutions present, with the common commitment to the development of a new university model based on equity and innovation.

The presentations were given by Prof. Dr. Zully Vera de Molinas, Chancellor of the UNA and Dr. Andrea Picaso, general coordinator of the National Program for Postgraduate Scholarships Abroad «Don Carlos Antonio López» (BECAL). Working groups were established where participants discussed the challenges and opportunities that the new university model must consider and concrete actions so that ethics, equity and transparency contribute to consolidate the culture of Lawfulness in Paraguay.

Global Training Tool on Ethics, Equity and Transparency

The «Global Training in Ethics, Equity and Transparency» is part of an international platform that seeks to increase knowledge about the different forms of corruption and how to prevent this evil that is so evident in institutions.

The EET Compliance Tool is a set of training courses that seek to install in the Paraguayan institutional culture the values of ethics, equity and transparency, which have been identified as pillars for building a Culture of Lawfulness and Rule of Law in Paraguay.

This tool has been developed on the Percipio platform, managed and certified by the U.S. corporation Skillsoft, a world leader in corporate digital learning, which offers cloud-based learning solutions. It serves more than 160 countries and more than 45 million learners worldwide.

This initiative aims to reach the largest number of members of the UNA educational community each year, to strengthen the culture of compliance.